Waste Not, Want Not and a Healthy Dose of Creativity

Well goodness, how did I get here? It's a question that prompts thousands of memories to flood through my tiny head. (I really do have a small head. Seriously, adult hats are generally too big for my noggin.) I suppose the easiest answer is to blame my parents. #1 because they have both been known to have a creative streak and #2 because they chose to move into an area with very little television reception and not particularly close to stores and the like. Fun was what we created and create I did! From forts constructed in the woods with my older brother to large amounts of embroidery floss friendship bracelets and beaded necklaces. Creating has always been my go to for making my heart do that "wheeeee!" happy squeal.

To continue the story, I’m a believer in making use of what is available. I grew up hearing my mother say “waste not want not” and it seems to have stuck with me over the years! You’ll see my signs made of a variety of materials. Sometimes it’ll be a repurposed find from the thrift market, sometimes it’ll be a bargain buy premade craft store base (and of course the savings get passed down to you!), or it’ll be from scrap wood from my husband’s construction site. Wasting material or money is just not my jam! On that same token, you’ll often see that I ship in recycled packaging. Why dump cardboard at the recycling center only to buy more for my own shipping purposes. Just seems silly, right? Creating makes my heart sing, and I’m so honored to be able to share my creations with you here.

And just a wee bit about my current life...
I'm honored to have the role of mom to 3 AH-mazing kids. Seriously, they're freakin' great. My boy is the oldest - a quiet, homebody like me who demonstrates his creativity through Lego builds and a rather popular Instagram account. My middle gem of a child is a theatrical, MMA loving daughter. She's loving, super funny, and can kick your behind. My youngest daughter, the family baby, loves giving gifts to her loved ones, can't throw away a good box because she's gotta make something with it, and adores trips to the craft store. She's stubborn and hard headed in some ways but usually listens to reason. The papa bear of our pack is thankfully supportive of my need to create and often works behind the scenes to make it happen. To truly lead the pack we have 3 gray cats - a small, a medium, and a large. Really, I think they run the household...please send help.

Thanks for reading my mini autobiography! It's been fun to write but I've gotta go feed the cats now...

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