Hello There!

Today we'll begin by backing up a few years to when I was 23 and a new home owner. Our budget was basically nonexistent for anything beyond actually keeping our home and keeping it functioning...you know, things like electric bills, water & sewer, and that little thing called a mortgage. In fact, the only reason we had curtains for the large window in our living room was because my mother bought them for us. She couldn't bear the thought of people peeking at us fishbowl style at night. Do people do that? Don't do that, people. It's weird. 

Speaking of weird, 

Our funiture situation was weird. A few other words to describe it - hodgepodge, mishmash, or potpourri perhaps? We took whatever was given to us, whatever we found on the curb, and whatever we could find super cheap at yardsales. There's no shame in starting out this way, but it certainly didn't match up to the homes I would see in the Martha Stewart and Better Homes & Gardens magazines. Looking back I wish I had known about the low prep paints like DIY, Fusion Mineral, and Sweet Pickins to name a few. But alas, live and learn!

And coupons.

Let's talk about craft store coupons. How did I miss out on them back then!? I could have actually purchased a few of those decor items I coveted in the magazines. Eventually I did venture into our local craft store  and my decorating life began. Amazing! I didn't have to spend hundreds of dollars to have a pretty home. Even if I didn't have a coupon, the end of season deals were amazing. My house begain to feel like a home. Not overnight of course but that's okay.

Now getting back to the present.

The video linked below addresses decorating on a budget and the little tricks I have learned over the years as my house evolved into a home. If you're a new (or old) home owner with a tight budget or enjoy saving money, please give it a watch. You CAN decorate with minimal spending and refinishing old pieces can be super easy. Please enjoy and happy decorating!